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Custom Arch Supports

If your feet hurt and it's affecting your day to day activities, we can help you. Custom arch supports are made at our facility, typically in about an hour. Don't wait any longer for pain relief!


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Medicare Therapeutic Shoe Program

If you have diabetes and are suffering from associated symptoms, you may be eligible for the Medicare Therapeutic Shoe Program. This program provides shoes and inserts at little or no cost, covered by Medicare.


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Orthopedic Shoes & Fittings

Virtually 100% of our patients find relief from foot pain at our facility. Start walking pain-free as soon as you leave our facility.

Request an appointment today for a fitting at our facility in Fort Worth, Texas.

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About Us

Cooper's Footcare Facility in Fort Worth, Texas, manufactures custom orthotics and offers a huge selection of orthopedic shoes for those suffering from foot pain. Don Cooper is a Certified Pedorthist, which means he is trained in foot anatomy and disease, and has expertise in knowing which modifications work best on a particular shoe. Mr. Cooper's family has been fitting shoes in southwest Fort Worth since 1959.

Mr. Cooper keeps up with the latest advances in pedorthic products and shoe manufacturing by attending university courses and pedorthic trade seminars. He also offers training sessions at area hospitals and health fairs.

We are one of only nine accredited pedorthic facilities in the state of Texas, celebrating more than 50 years of serving you and our community.