Custom Arch Supports in Fort Worth, Texas

Relieve virtually 100% of your foot pain with custom arch supports from Cooper's Footcare Facility in Fort Worth, Texas. Contact us to request an appointment for a special fitting.

Custom Arch Supports

All arch supports are made in our facility while you wait, typically within an hour. During your appointment, our pedorthist will determine your foot size and dimensions. According to your specific needs, we'll make recommendations regarding soft accommodative inserts and/or semi-rigid dress arch supports. 

Your Benefits

Custom arch supports give more exact comfort and pain relief. Rest assured, if the arch support is not working or you need an adjustment, you won't be charged an extra fee. Our surveys show we alleviate foot pain relief almost 100% of the time.

Contact us to see which type of orthotics or orthopedic shoes will relieve your pain.

Foot Stepping on Tacks, Custom Arch Supports in Fort Worth, TX