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Custom Arch Supports

If your feet hurt, and it’s affecting your day to day activities, we can help you. Custom arch supports are made at our facility, typically in about an hour. Don’t wait any longer for pain relief!

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Medicare Therapeutic Shoe Program

If you have diabetes and are suffering from associated symptoms, you may be eligible for the Medicare Therapeutic Shoe Program. This program provides shoes and inserts at little or no cost, covered by Medicare.

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Orthopedic Shoes & Fittings

Virtually 100% of our patients find relief from foot pain at our facility. Start walking pain-free as soon as you leave our facility.

Request an appointment today for a fitting at our facility in Fort Worth, Texas.
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Cooper’s Footcare Facility in Fort Worth, Texas, fabricates custom orthotics and offers a huge selection of orthopedic shoes for those suffering from foot pain. We are an accredited facility with two Certified Pedorthists on staff. Our Pedorthists are trained in foot anatomy and disease, and have expertise in knowing which modifications work best on shoes and custom orthotics. Mr. Cooper’s family has been fitting shoes in southwest Fort Worth since 1959.

Our facility keeps up with the latest advances in pedorthic products and shoe manufacturing by attending university courses and pedorthic trade seminars. He also offers training sessions at area hospitals and health fairs.

We are one of only nine accredited pedorthic facilities in the state of Texas, celebrating more than 50 years of serving you and our community.

Tom Boenisch
Tom Boenisch
March 20, 2022.
Crystal and staff are great and professional in doing there jobs. Been going there for years and never had a problem . Thank you for y'all s services
Billy Bumgardner
Billy Bumgardner
February 17, 2022.
The staff are amazing. My foot problems have been 95% resolved after one year. The shoes are top of the line. The custom made inserts provide tremendous pain relief and support to my feet. I have been able to start doing a little bit of jogging and look forward to doing more. I highly recommend Coopers Footcare to everyone.
jodie utter
jodie utter
February 14, 2022.
Cooper's footcare is excellent. They are knowledgeable and took the time to find the perfect fit and the perfect shoe for me. I will definitely go back!
Frank Zaragoza
Frank Zaragoza
January 6, 2022.
Great retailer, with fantastic staff. Mr. Cooper is a straight shooter and very knowledgeable. He’s a pleasant guy to work with, and I’ll continue to visit and buy here because of him. Every time I go, I get the same excellent service and knowledge that I feel like I deserve. If you need insoles custom made, shoes, and honesty, this is the place…
Kelly Reel
Kelly Reel
October 25, 2021.
Customer should be 10 Stars! Absolutely the best place I’ve ever been! From the time I entered till I time I left absolutely the kindest lady (Crystal)made sure my new orthotics fit shoes and walked me around to make sure! I had 10 pairs of shoes out and not once was I pressured into buying anything! I learned a lot of helpful information also from the lady upfront! I will definitely be telling all my coworkers because we are on our feet 8-12 hours daily! I can actually walk now without limping! Thank you so much !👍💕
Mir Zainulabedin Alikhan
Mir Zainulabedin Alikhan
October 13, 2021.
Excellent service provided by coopers foot care facility, 3857 SW Loop 820, Fort Worth, Texas 76133
Scott S
Scott S
October 8, 2021.
It’s hard to describe how good Coopers Footcare is. You just got to trust them and let your feet do the talking! I was recommended to them through my Podiatrist which also sales custom orthotics. He said to me “I’m going to give you two choices. One is an orthotic we have made which is the standard put your foot in the mold and we will send it off to be made or a place which makes very thick and cushioned orthotics to relieve all your pressure points and build the padding for the arch as needed.” “Go check them out and you make the decision.” I made an appointment and was seen by Crystal Compton, a certified Pedorthist. She was excellent and took the time to listen, ask questions and really dug into my foot needs. A very likable person, indeed! I did not feel rushed! I felt like she had her complete focus on me, a customer. I also appreciated meeting Mr. Don Cooper. He was busy with another client, but when he had a moment, he would stick his head in the door and check on things. A great man to talk to after his client had left. Not only did they make my orthotics on sight while I was waiting, I also purchased a pair of slippers for my extra-wide feet. Yes, they carry “those” type of shoes! I guess you know by now I highly recommend Coopers Footcare Facility and will be a customer as long as the doors are open! My feet thank you!
Logan Boll
Logan Boll
September 18, 2021.
Absolutely incredible staff, including Mr. Cooper and his employees in all respects. They've gone above and beyond to adjust for me, my afflicted feet and my busy schedule. A real old school place that truly cares about its customers, where spending your money is an actual investment in you and your foot's future.

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