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“Thank you for human kindness and patience this day. Being re-established is good.”
- Mr. Henson

“I am so grateful to you all for your help and kindness”
- Donna G.

“Wonderful desk staff, Mr. Cooper is thorough, helpful, and considerate. Love you guys!!!”
- Kristi C.

“Coopers Footcare is definitely the best. Could't be beat for friendly customer service, and I couldn't do without the insoles.”
- Bonnie B.

“Very satisfied overall. Wish I'd made an appointment years ago!”
- Claude C.

“Thanks for the very quick appointment and great service! Great caring office!”
- No Name

“My first orthotic was good, helped my feet, but the second pair was twice as good. My feet feel great. Thank you so much.”
- Victor T.

“Awesome customer service and relief in feet. I highly recommend people to Coopers Footcare Facility.”
- Leo P.

“It is so nice to find kind, caring professionals in the business world. Mr. Cooper made my experience very enjoyable. These shoes have made me a new man. Keep up the good work and I'll see you again, soon.”
- Fred V.